Foundation Projects

    "Needy youth on the threshold of life"

 The project started in 1998 and was implemented with external financial support. From December 2008 the program was implemented with PHARE funds for a period of one year, in partnership with the municipality of Baia Mare - Social Public Service. The main goal is integration into society of young people leaving the public system of social protection.

  The project targets young people aged between 18 and 26 years offering for a limited period, accommodation, advice on various life issues, labor market intermediation.

  Project Objectives
- Training young people to achieve financial independence
- Forming a contoured figures: correct self-image, ability to make decisions, ability to establish the healthy relationships with others
- Training of practical skills, household
- Preparation for family life.

    "Professional training for the deaf and dumb"

 The project started in 2006 and implemented as a day course with a duration of two years, applying to persons with hearing disabilities.
These people live in their world, a world of signs without intellectual training opportunities within the formal systems, requiring special attention.

    Project purpose
- Raising the intellectual, moral and spiritual persons with hearing disabilities.
- To ensure that people trained by the project to become independent, able to support, to raise families, have access to the world of people with normal hearing.

    Project objectives:
- Communication skills in their native language, vocabulary and written communication skills;
- Learning English;
- Acquisition of knowledge and skills in computer science

    "Young talents, support and collaboration"

 The project arose from the need to help identify talented young people who want to shape higher education, the financial situation does not allow this. We also found that the presence of young people from families that leave the young natural homes bring a positive influence in the way of networking and their desire for progress.

  Project Objectives
- Supporting young people in further education by providing youth hostel accommodation at the Foundation, with shared kitchen, laundry, reading room
- Effective results in work with young people raised in orphanages, with the involvement of youth reared in natural families in activities, who have acquired higher moral and ethical principles.