sediul fundatie umanitare ProVita

    Welcome to the website of Pro Vita Humanitarian Foundation

  We are a humanitarian foundation, founded in 1998, focused on providing social services to youth over 18 leaving the public system of social protection from broken families or families in need. In the 12 years of activity we served annually, a number between 40 and 50 beneficiaries . . . >>>

 Our goal

  Providing social services to all categories of disadvantaged youth, especially those who leave the public system of protection, youngsters from dysfunctional environments, youth with disabilities and in preparation for independent living . . . >>>

  Project "needy youth on the threshold of life"

  The project started in 1998 and was implemented with external financial support. From December 2008 the program was implemented with PHARE funds for a period of one year, in partnership with the municipality of Baia Mare - Social Public Service. The main goal is integration into society of young people leaving the public system of social protection . . .>>>