Pro Vita Humanitarian Foundation

Headquarters: Romania, Maramures, Baia Mare, Str. Stork, No.3
Phone / Fax: 40262214552
Code: 10506634 PJ 59/1998
Raiffeisen account Baia Mare RZBR 0000 0600 0444 5479 RO02


As humanitarian foundation, we continue to work to support young people leaving the public system of social assistance, but we need your support and involvement.
You can also help as to support these young people through various methods, namely:

  If you are a representative of a company:
You can contact the Foundation representatives to discuss a contract for sponsorship (email, phone / fax form with online submission of messages).
Companies benefit from reduced income tax expense due to the amount appropriate sponsorship (deductible) representing the amount of lower value:
- 0.3% of total turnover
- 20% of tax due

  If you are employed
You can target up to 2% of annual income tax by nonprofit organizations.